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How to choose your bridesmaids

Hey there!

Choosing your bridesmaids looks like an easy task. Right? That is what I thought at first.


Between the suggestions from your aunt on who should be on the lineup, the self-appointments from friends who know they are in the line up,

to your fiancees ideas on who should be on your side, a bride can go through a lot of  headache trying to put a list together.

When it comes to choosing your bridal party, are there guidelines that can make it easy for brides?


Let’s explore our options.

First and foremost, it is important to write your wishlist of your bridal party. this helps you narrow down based on availability for planning meetings and on the wedding day.


As you write your list be sure to get your partners views and inputs.

After coming up with your list, decide on their roles. The most important has to be who your maid on honor is. A lot of thought should go in choosing this one. Your maid of honor should be the one person who can steer you the right way by telling you the truth even when you do not want to hear it.

Next you need to ask. I suggest that by this time you have worked out your expectations of your wedding day. it is also important to calculate how much it will cost your bridesmaids to be on your bridal party.

This helps those who feel like it will dent their budgets to drop out before invitations are sent out.

Plan a meeting with your bridal party to share your vision for your wedding day so that they are on your side.bridesmaids


Have fun shopping online for designs with your girls listening to them and reminding them of your theme and vision.

If you have many friends like I do, remember you cannot make everyone happy you could compensate by giving them supporting roles so that they are also involved in seeing you married.

Are you in the process of planning a wedding? How did you choose your bridal party? I would love to hear from you.





What to wear to a bridal shower

Hey Darlings,

Before I got married, I wasn’t a regular at bridal showers.

Now that I am married, either I tend to notice more bridal showers or I am simply invited to many showers or planning more.

So what is the proper way to dress up for bridal showers?

My top tips are:-

1. Steer clear of white, beige and grey- for obvious purposes.

2. Find out the theme of the bridal shower before hand. This will help you dress appropriately.

3. Comfort is key.

I have shopped on Pintrest for some of my favorites hope you like what I put together.