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Importance of Wedding Hair and Make up Trial.

All a bride wants for her big day is to look and feel her best.

The bridal hair and makeup trial is an important appointment a bride should make when planning her wedding.

The trial gives the bride and the makeup artist to get familiar with each other prior to the wedding day. From this meeting, the make up artist will be able to know the brides personality and also able to know what will work and what will not work for her in that day.
This will help the bride see the level of professionalism of the make up artist and gauge their work in order to make the decision of hiring them or not.

The make up artist will also be able to know what products to use on the bride on the big day for example, know what shade of foundation goes well with your skin, what hairstyle you would like and many more.
For the hair trial, it is advisable to bring with you any/all accessories you intend to have on your big day.
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This will be used to give you a better picture of how you will look like on your big day.
If you have not settled for a specific look, you can bring with you pictures of the styles that you have liked and would love to try out. This will give you a sense of direction towards what look you are going for.

Remember to be very clear about things you absolutely DO not want, and things you MUST have… the Make up artist will not know unless you tell them.
Having all these cleared out you will love the results as it is just as you wanted.



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