Picture Perfect:: Wedding Day Makeup

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Looking angelic and divine is every bride’s dream.

Your makeup can help you achieve this. If you are a makeup lover or enthusiast like I am, this is probably not going to be easy as you may already have a wedding look in mind.

Your wedding day makeup will need to stay put the whole day, amid hugs and kisses, dancing and laughter!

Here are my top lessons.

1. Choose  a long wear foundation

You do not want to have patches on your face on your wedding day caused by your making wearing off.

A long wear foundation takes your mind off how you look as your foundation has covered your bases.

If you have oily skin try using a matte finish foundation. If you have combination skin, a cream to powder foundation will do the trick.



2. Settle on a Wedding Day Makeup look.

I suggest that you surf the Internet for different makeup looks and get inspired by the different ways to be creative with eye shadows and lipsticks to achieve your dream wedding day look. You could save pictures of what you like on your phone to show your makeup artist when you settle for a makeup trial.

3. Be Daring

Believe or not, many brides will confess that they normally never wear any makeup in their day to day lives but they want to look exceptional on their wedding day.


My advise, be daring. Pretty is what you are , beauty is what you choose to do with it. Do not be scared to shine. Stay true to your self  and have fun.

4. Meet with your makeup artist for a trial.

To ensure that your wedding day makeup is flawless, find a professional who can help you achieve your dream wedding look. Work with your makeup artist to decide what look will best accentuate your features and hide your flawsome areas and remain in line with your wedding theme.


5. S.M.I.LE

This sets the mood for your wedding day.

A smile is the best accessory you can wear.

Do not be modest with it.

If you have any questions about where to start with your wedding day makeup, feel free to email me your questions.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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