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Picture Perfect:: Wedding Day Makeup

Hey there!


Looking angelic and divine is every bride’s dream.

Your makeup can help you achieve this. If you are a makeup lover or enthusiast like I am, this is probably not going to be easy as you may already have a wedding look in mind.

Your wedding day makeup will need to stay put the whole day, amid hugs and kisses, dancing and laughter!

Here are my top lessons.

1. Choose  a long wear foundation

You do not want to have patches on your face on your wedding day caused by your making wearing off.

A long wear foundation takes your mind off how you look as your foundation has covered your bases.

If you have oily skin try using a matte finish foundation. If you have combination skin, a cream to powder foundation will do the trick.



2. Settle on a Wedding Day Makeup look.

I suggest that you surf the Internet for different makeup looks and get inspired by the different ways to be creative with eye shadows and lipsticks to achieve your dream wedding day look. You could save pictures of what you like on your phone to show your makeup artist when you settle for a makeup trial.

3. Be Daring

Believe or not, many brides will confess that they normally never wear any makeup in their day to day lives but they want to look exceptional on their wedding day.


My advise, be daring. Pretty is what you are , beauty is what you choose to do with it. Do not be scared to shine. Stay true to your self  and have fun.

4. Meet with your makeup artist for a trial.

To ensure that your wedding day makeup is flawless, find a professional who can help you achieve your dream wedding look. Work with your makeup artist to decide what look will best accentuate your features and hide your flawsome areas and remain in line with your wedding theme.


5. S.M.I.LE

This sets the mood for your wedding day.

A smile is the best accessory you can wear.

Do not be modest with it.

If you have any questions about where to start with your wedding day makeup, feel free to email me your questions.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Getting a planner? All you need to know.




Hey there!

Getting engaged is truly exciting! The few days after you might find yourself looking at websites and bridal magazines looking for ideas and wedding inspiration. You will see so many wedding ceremony ideas, color palettes, reception ideas, it’s a whole new world when it comes to wedding planning!

At this point, you may choose to be a ninja and go at it alone-Like I did or you and your fiance might choose to hire a professional wedding planner.


If you choose to go for a wedding planner, here are a few tips to help you work out this important relationship as you work out your big day.

Lets Talk Numbers

First work out what your budget is. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to put aside for a wedding planner? Once this has been worked out, you can start scouting.

The good thing about getting the right wedding planner is that they may save you on the stress of running around, they may get you better deals with vendors and ultimately save you money and time.


Set Up an Interview

Setting up an interview will help you weed out jokers from your agenda. Any serious wedding planner will be more than willing to set up a meeting and give you the opportunity to get to know them. Their enthusiasm will enable you gauge their energy towards you as a client.

Interview Questions

Be armed with questions that will help you know your planner so that you are not setting up yourself for a disaster.

~Get to know your planner. Ask about how long they have been in the industry. Find out what made them want to be a wedding planner. Ask if they have any certifications or accreditation and whether they are members of any associations.

~What services does your wedding planner offer? Find out what your wedding planner is willing to do for you. Are they going to handle all other vendors for you or do you still need to hire some vendors yourself?

~Have they worked at your venue? It is important to find out if your wedding planner has worked at your wedding venue. It will be easy to create a vision for your wedding if your planner has worked there before.

Getting Down to Business

Once you have had a successful meeting and are satisfied it is now time to get down to business. Find out how your planner charges and be mindful to ask for a contract . Discuss payment plans and whether deposits are required.


The wedding planning industry is one where references are important. Ask your planner to provide you a list of references to show you that they have actually successfully worked on any weddings.

Relax, now you have a few tips to help you start out your wedding planning.


Are you recently married? Did you use a planner? Share your experience.



Wedding Dress Necklines 101

Hey Beautiful!
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Shopping for a wedding dress appears so easy on TV shows! You walk in a bridal consultant chats you up ask you what your budget is, what dress you want, what neckline looks good on you and voila! You get your dress!
I will show you how to get to bridal consultant level and prepare you for your next bridal appointment.
1. Bateau Neckline.
I always wondered where my knowledge in French would come in handy; Bateau means boat. So think of this neckline taking the shape of a boat.

This neckline follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of the shoulders.


2. Sweetheart Neckline

This has got to be the most loved neckline style. I wore it for my wedding on not one but two gowns!
It is easy to spot. Just think of the top half of a heart.


3. One Shoulder Neckline
As the name suggests, the strap comes across only one shoulder.

4. V-Neck Neckline.
In this style, the neckline usually dips down taking the shape of the letter V

5. Plunging Neckline
This is for the daring and extremely sensual! It is usually a very very deep V-Neck.

6. Halter Neckline
The halter neckline usually has straps that wrap around the back of the neck. They could be fixed or easily tied together in a bow.



BI Harusi Tip:

When choosing a neckline it is important to bear in mind that your comfort is key. You do not want to be the bride who keeps pulling up your dress and constantly adjusting your bust area.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know by leaving a comment.




photo sources: allure bridal,mori lee bridal,Berta bridal and maggie sottero

Weddings Gown Styles

Hey there lovely!

I am so excited! This is my very first post on this blog!

Welcome once again to BI Harusi!

Whether engaged or not, planning a wedding or just shopping, it really does not hurt to know a little bit about wedding gowns.

Today we will learn about the different silhouettes or designs that exist.

Depending on your body shape and taste in style, there is a gown for every one!

If you are a fan on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, you have definitely seen how Kleinfield Fashion Director Randy knows every single thing about the dresses!

Not to worry, once you finish reading this article, you will have passed the first class.
I will divide these lessons because it is very long and I don’t want to bore you on day one.

I will define the silhouette; advise for which body type it is most appropriate for and the show you my favourite dresses for each.
This is a gown that is fitted at the bodice and gently flares wider toward the bottom resembling the letter A.

It is flattering on most body types and is perfect for disguising bottom heavy figures.
It comes is various variations such as the fitted A-Line that has s lightly dropped down waist.
The waist line of this dress is higher than the natural waist. It starts right below the bust.

Empire style dress

If you have a petite figure or are have a small bust this silhouette is best for you. If you are bottom heavy as well, this dress hides it well.
This is my personal favourite. Just like the A-Line, it is fitting on top however it has a very full skirt-More like the Cinderella dress.


This dress is perfect as it hides everything and people can focus on your face-just kidding but in all honesty, it gives the impression on a tiny waist!


I rarely see brides here in Kenya follow this trend. A sheath silhouette is a figure hugging dress that flows all the way down and has a defined waist that you can choose to accessorize with a belt or a waistband.


The bottom part can slightly flare on not depending on the brides preferences. If you have a well toned body, this would be a perfect dress, for obvious reasons.


This silhouette is often mistaken to the mermaid silhouette. The difference is that it flares right in the middle of your hips unlike the mermaid that flares from the knees going down.


This dress is perfect for accentuating curves.

This is probable the second most done in dress by brides locally!


It fits closely from the bust areas to the knees then flares out all the way down. I think it looks perfect on most body shapes but experts say it is better for brides with hour glass body shapes
My tip to brides to be is to try out the different silhouettes before settling on a gown simply because you love how it looks or a particular detail on it.
You don’t necessarily have to follow the rules on the silhouettes but always be on the look for something that works for you so that you do not set yourself up to fail.


I hope this has been useful to you. If you have any questions or queries, simply leave a comment or send me an email, call or WhatsApp.