The Perfect Theme Colour

” What is your theme colour?”

This has got to be most asked questions that newly engaged brides get asked. Ask me I know!

IMG_0150So with the trends ever changing, how do you ensure that you pick the perfect theme colour for your perfect wedding?

According to David Tutera ,celebrity wedding planner and Host of My Fair Wedding, and the one man I would love to break bread with,  says that colour is an extension of your personality as a bride and the hues you chose are bound to affect you.

The colours that you choose as your theme colours will basically appear everywhere on your big day. these colours will be in your invitations, in your wedding day decor, in your bouquets, your bridesmaids dresses-Everywhere!


So how does one choose the perfect colours for their wedding?

You are most likely to select your favourite colours. This is beacause these colours probably mean something to you.

I had pink, yellow and tangerine for my wedding.


I love pink and everyone who knows me can attest to this. Secondly I chose yellow, because being in love makes you feel like you are walking on sunshine. I added the tangerine because I was looking for something to represent the calmness, so I chose a very soft shade.

In other instances, you may pick a colour as your wedding theme colour because of what the colour represents. for some Red means passion, Purple means royalty, green represents their connection with nature to mention but a few.


IMG_0154My tip is to not be too predictable. Think out of the box and see how best your personality can shine through your wedding theme colours.

Your wedding day is the one day you can have things your way, so as much as options and opinions are good, stay true to your self and paint the best picture that represents your happily ever after.



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